Resume builder

Writing a resume can be a trying experience for anyone, whether it is your first or whether you are updating it after many years with one employer.

There are a few simple tips to remember for writing a resume that stands out;

  1. Make it concise.

    This doesn’t mean one word or one line answers. Recruiters and employers alike are interested in what type of work you have done, but try to not include your entire job description, just the most relevant elements of the role.
  2. Don’t stretch the truth.

    You can be guaranteed that someone, somewhere out there will read your resume and know that you haven’t been entirely truthful. Dishonesty always comes back to bite you.
  3. Don’t pad the employment dates.

    Again, always be honest with your dates of employment. There is no point falsifying your start or end dates to make your employment look more consistent, the truth comes out with reference checking.
  4. Always include your contact details on the resume itself.

    Quite often we find that the contact details have been included on a cover letter or email but not in the resume itself.
    • PS: Is your email address ‘appropriate’ to send to a recruiter or employer? “It may be worthwhile setting up a new email account specifically for your job search.
    • Check your privacy settings on your Facebook profile. Do you really want a prospective employer knowing all about your weekend?
  5. Double check for any typing errors – especially in your phone number!

    Take your time, this document is all about how your portray yourself. Spend the extra time on it making sure it looks good and run the spell checker over it.

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