Just Automotive Recruitment Bullying and Harassment Policy

Just Automotive Recruitment Bullying and Harassment Policy Creation Date: 25 Sept 2012 Version: 001 Issuer: D Robinson

Purpose / Statement of intent

This policy objective is to ensure that Just Automotive Recruitment provides a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. Behaviour that constitutes discrimination, harassment or bullying will not be tolerated and will lead to action being taken, which may include dismissal.


Bullying is repeated unreasonable behaviour that could reasonably be considered to be humiliating, intimidating, threatening or demeaning to a person, or group of persons, which creates a risk to health and safety. Workplace bullying may include behaviour that is directed toward an employee, or group of employees, that creates a risk to health and safety e.g. physical and/or verbal abuse, excluding or isolating individuals; or giving impossible tasks. Workplace bullying can be:
  • intended—where actions are intended to humiliate, offend, intimidate or distress, whether or not the behaviour did in fact have that effect
  • unintended—which although not intended to humiliate, offend, intimidate or distress, did cause and should reasonably have been expected to cause that effect.
Bullying can be direct or indirect, inflicted by one person or groups. Abusive group behaviour or ‘ganging up’ against one or more individuals is a form of bullying that is sometimes called workplace ‘mobbing’.


Any employee or on-hire worker found to have contravened this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal. Employees or on-hire workers must report any behaviour that constitutes harassment, bullying or discrimination to their consultant, or host employer representative. Employees and on-hire workers will not be victimised or treated unfairly for raising an issue or making a complaint.


Just Automotive Recruitment is committed to ensuring that all employees and on-hire workers, irrespective of their status or position, are treated with dignity and respect by colleagues, supervisors and others with whom they may come in contact as a result of their work. Just Automotive Recruitment is therefore committed to providing employees and on-hire workers with a safe and healthy work environment free from workplace bullying. Workplace bullying, is based on the misuse of power and creates a risk to health and safety. It is often repetitive behaviour, or occurs as a behavioural pattern aimed to ‘torment, wear down, or frustrate a person’ (Einarsen 1999, p16). Although a single incident of workplace harassment is not considered to be bullying behaviour it can be distressing for the recipients and can still cause injury. Single incidents can also be a ‘warning sign’ and should be addressed promptly. The legitimate exercise of rights and responsibility by an employer, in a professional and appropriate manner, does not constitute workplace bullying. All employers have a legal right to direct and control how work is done and managers have a responsibility to monitor workflow and to give feedback on performance. Employees working at Just Automotive Recruitment, or onsite with a host employer as an on-hire employee of Just Automotive Recruitment who experience or witness workplace bullying are encouraged to report such behaviour to their consultant, who is responsible for handling reports of bullying. Reporting workplace bullying is a legitimate and positive contribution to the workplace wellbeing. Bullying allegations raised by employees or on-hire workers will be treated seriously, investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially.

Host Employer

Where a host employer has work policies and procedures that extend to bullying and harassment, Just Automotive Recruitment’s employees and on-hire workers will also be subject to these policies and procedures.


This Policy will be reviewed when required by changes in legislation, or when company operations require it. If altered, employees will be consulted and notified of changes.

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