Just Automotive Recruitment Drug & Alcohol Management Procedure

Just Automotive Recruitment recognises that there is no uniform method available to assess the risk of drug or alcohol consumption in the workplace. The severity of drug effects is different for each person and the potential risk caused by drug impairment varies according to the task being performed. We will assess each case individually by taking into account the person involved, the type of work being performed and the risk created by the individual being affected by drugs or alcohol. After an incident involving injury or damage to company equipment or systems the employee or on-hire worker may be asked to submit to testing. Any employee or on-hire worker who is injured on the job and tests positive to any drug and/or alcohol may forfeit rights and benefits to compensation.

Incident Procedure

The host contacts the consultant to report the concern of on-hire worker suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The consultant should attend the host site where possible; after being contacted by the host manager. If on-site attendance is not possible; then the consultant must contact the on-hire worker via the telephone; The following steps are required by the consultant:
  • Explain to the on-hire worker that there is reason to believe that they have breached the host and Just Automotive Recruitments Drug & Alcohol Policy and that there is a suspicion that they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Provide the on-hire worker with the concerns about the health and safety of themselves and others at work whilst they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Provide the on-hire worker with the opportunity to respond to the suspicion and to explain their behaviour.
  • Ask the on-hire worker if there are any workplace factors contributing to their poor work performance. If any are raised by the worker report this to the host manager. The host should use their WHS system to raise these factors for consideration and resolution.
  • If the suspicion is confirmed, advise the worker not to complete their shift.
  • If during the interview the worker seems to have returned to satisfactory performance, there is no need to proceed. Otherwise advise the on-hire worker that when they return to work for their next shift that they must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Make suitable arrangements for the on-hire worker to return home safely.

Follow up Procedure

The following steps are required by the consultant:
  • Outline the on-hires worker’s responsibility to adhere to the Just Automotive Recruitments Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Discuss with the on-hired worker:
    • Any additional details of unsatisfactory performance and the standard of performance required;
    • The risk of discipline and possible dismissal for failing to improve performance.
  • If in reviewing performance it is found that the on-hire worker has regained satisfactory performance no further interviews will be required subject to continued good performance.
Just Automotive Recruitment Drug and Alcohol Management Procedure Creation Date: 26 Sept 2012 Version: 001 Issuer: D Robinson

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