Just Automotive Recruitment Return to Work Policy

Purpose / Statement of intent

Just Automotive Recruitment is committed to ensuring that all employees and on-hire workers injured at work are provided a safe and early return to work. This will be achieved in consultation with the Host employer, the employee or on-hire worker, our insurer and relevant medical practitioners as necessary.


This policy sets out Just Automotive Recruitment’s management principles on rehabilitation and return to work for employees or on-hire workers who have been injured or become ill in the course of their employment. Just Automotive Recruitment will consult with its employees or on-hire workers to ensure that the Return to Work policy operates in an effective manner for the purpose of implementing Just Automotive Recruitment’s return to work objectives. These objectives are to:
  • Prevent injury and illness by providing a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Ensure that the return to work process commences as soon as possible after an injury, in a manner consistent with medical advice.
  • Ensure that return to work as soon as possible after an injury is a normal practice and expectation.
  • Provide transitional duties, where practicable, for an injured worker, as an integral part of the injury management / return to work process.
  • Where transitional / suitable duties cannot be offered for a substantial period of time consult with the employee, Consultant, medical practitioner and insurer in regards ti referring for rehabilitation services.
  • Ensure that participation in a return to work program will not, in itself, prejudice an injured worker.
  • Establish an individual Return to Work Plan for injured employees or on-hire workers.
  • Participate and co-operate with our insurers’ injury management program and injury management plans which are established by our insurer for injured workers.
  • Comply with WorkCover guidelines when required.


It is the responsibility of Just Automotive Recruitment management to ensure that all injured employees or on-hire workers comply with the Return to Work Policy. Management will determine transitional / suitable duties in liaison with the Host employer, medical practitioner and injured employee or on-hire worker, and ensure that these duties are available with either the Host employer or the company.

Safety Services Coordinator

The Safety Services Co-ordinator is responsible for overall co-ordination of the return to work of injured employees or on-hire workers. The Safety Services Co-ordinator will co-ordinate the return to work plan after consultation with the host employer, consultant, medical practitioner and employee or on-hire worker.

Injured Employee

It is the responsibility of the injured worker to accept all reasonable offers of transitional / suitable duties and actively cooperate in the return to work plan as assessed.


This Policy will be reviewed when required by changes in legislation, or when company operations require it. If altered, employees and on-hire workers will be consulted and notified of changes.   Just Automotive Recruitment Return to Work Policy Creation Date: 25 Sept 2012 Version: 001 Issuer: D Robinson Just Automotive Recruitment Return to Work Policy

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