Just Automotive Recruitment WH&S Policy

Statement of intent

The Workplace Health and Safety Policy of Just Automotive Recruitment is to protect the employees, on-hire workers and others at our workplace(s) or on-site with a host employer from work-caused injury and ill-health and comply with all relevant safety legislation.

Responsibility of managers

Managers will carry out this Policy, being responsible for the health and safety of all persons working in any operations under their control. They will ensure supervisors who report to them are provided with the necessary instruction, training and resources to implement the Policy and hold them accountable to do so.

Responsibility of supervisors

Supervisors and all persons directing the work of others will be responsible for the safety of all persons in their charge. They will actively take steps to identify hazards which could cause harm to any person in their area of responsibility, and to either rectify them or report them to another person who has authority and capability to rectify the hazard.

Responsibility cannot be delegated

Managers and supervisors may delegate safety duties or activities to others, but the responsibility remains with them as above.

Responsibility of employees

Employees and on-hire workers must take care of their health and safety and that of their fellow workers to the extent of their capability, by following all safety rules, procedures and instructions of their supervisors. They must not misuse safety equipment (requirement of the OH&S Act 2000) and must report all hazards and injuries or ill health caused by work to their supervisor or another management person if the supervisor is not present.

Implementing the Policy

This Policy will be carried out through a WH&S Program which includes: Active involvement and commitment of managers Identification and control of hazards Investigation and reporting of all accidents and dangerous incidents Participation of, and consultation with, employees on safety matters of significance Provision of first aid and emergency procedures Provision of information, training and supervision as is necessary for safety.


This Policy will be reviewed when required by changes in legislation, or when company operations require it. If altered, employees and on-hire workers will be consulted and notified of changes.   Just Automotive Recruitment WH&S Policy Creation Date: 10 July 2012 Version: 001 Issuer: D Robinson

Just Automotive Recruitment is a specialist recruitment company working exclusively in the automotive industry.

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